Exxon Mobil Signals Bigger-Than-Expected Loss in Third Quarter
Exxon Mobil could slip into a bigger-than-expected loss in the third quarter as the U.S. oil major struggles to cope with the effects of a pandemic- driven downturn in the energy industry.

Conversation With Ross Beaty and Frank Giustra
VIDEO: The U.S. Dollar, Gold Price, Gold Stocks, Philanthropy, Inequality, Taxation and Growth – A freewheeling conversation between Ross Beaty, Chair Pan American Silver and Equinox Gold, and Frank Giustra, CEO, Fiore Group, a private firm managing a broad portfolio of private equity investments and companies. Presented by the Denver Gold Group.
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Top Traders See Tepid Oil Demand Recovery, Flat Prices
The heads of the world's largest trading houses predicted a tepid recovery in oil demand and flat prices over the coming months or years due to the coronavirus pandemic but said peak oil demand would come only in the next decade.

Strong Demand from Auto Firms Propels Rhodium to Record High
Rhodium prices have surged to record highs on production outages caused by the coronavirus and faster-than-expected demand recovery for the metal used to clean vehicle exhaust fumes.

Oil Prices to See Little Upside as Virus Threat Looms Large
Oil prices will stay near current levels this year as rising novel coronavirus cases threaten to slow the pace of demand recovery and counter output curbs by top producers, according to a Reuters poll.

Energy Security and Economic
Fears Drive China's Return to Coal

The Zhengning Power Plant Project, which was revived in July four years after it was put on ice, encapsulates the competing pressures that lie behind China's economic and climate policies.

Supply Curbs, Uncertain Demand to Keep
Oil Rangebound Above $40: Reuters Poll

Oil prices will see little change this year and a modest uptick in 2021 as output cuts take effect, with the demand picture clouded in uncertainty due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Energy Security and Economic
Fears Drive China's Return to Coal

The Zhengning Power Plant Project, which was revived in July four years after it was put on ice, encapsulates the competing pressures that lie behind China's economic and climate policies.

Commodity Trader Traxys to Sell Wheaton's Cobalt Metal, Rivalling Majors
Trading firm Traxys has won a tender to sell cobalt metal for Wheaton Precious Metals, two sources familiar with the matter said, in a deal that propels it into the big league to rival the likes of Glencore in the valuable commodity.

And Just Like That, Buffett Likes Gold
It’s well known among long-time gold investors that the Berkshire Hathaway chief has been opposed to investing in the yellow metal. The primary reason? It doesn’t pay a dividend. And do you know what else has never paid a dividend? Berkshire Hathaway. Frank Holmes, CEO, U.S. Global Investors, comments on Warren Buffett’s investment in Barrick Gold.

Cost of Gold the Year You Were Born
Stacker compiled a list of the price of gold every year since 1920. Stacker mined data from Kitco and Bureau of Labor Statistics to show how the price of gold has changed over a century, and how gold has impacted society along the way. Included for each year: Average closing price; U.S. primary gold production; U.S. secondary gold productions; U.S. gold net exports; Historic photos.
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New Contracts, New Platform as LME Joins Green Revolution
The green revolution has rolled up to the doors of the London Metal Exchange (LME). The venerable 143-year old market for industrial metals may often seem a throwback with its red-leather-seated open outcry "ring" and arcane trading structure, but the LME is planning to lead the metallic drive towards a cleaner future.

Zinc Price Outperforms, China Steel Demand a Strong Tailwind
A tailwind for zinc demand from booming Chinese steel production has pushed prices of the galvanising metal to their highest in more than nine months and helped it outperform other metals.

Silver Bulls: Visualizing the Price of Silver
How has the price of silver performed in bull markets from 1960 until today? Nicholas LePan, mining editor for Visual Capitalist looks at seven bull markets, including the current one. Silver has outperformed gold in five of the previous six bull runs. Will silver prove itself once again in the current bull run?
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Electric Cars to Account for 79% of Lithium Demand by 2030
The electric car industry will dominate demand for lithium over the next ten years, Chilean state mining agency Cochilco, accounting for more than three quarters of the ultralight battery metal's consumption by 2030, up from one third in 2019.
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Coffee Prices Seen Rising Slightly by end-2020 Despite Higher Surplus: Reuters Poll
Coffee prices, both for arabica and robusta futures, are seen rising slightly by the end of 2020 from current values despite an overall view of a larger surplus in the 2020-21 season.
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Goldman Hikes 12-Month Gold Price Forecast to $2,300/oz
Silver Price Forecast to $30oz on a 3/6/12 Month Horizon

Goldman Sachs raised its 12-month gold price forecast to $2,300 per troy ounce (toz), aided by expectations of more downside in U.S. real interest rates and a favourable environment for the safe-haven metal. Silver price is forecast to $30/toz on a 3/6/12 month horizon.

U.S. Finds its Chinese Rare Earth
Dependency Hard to Break

The U.S. Department of Defense has just committed funding for two rare earth separation plants on U.S. soil. It's one small step towards the Trump administration's stated goal of breaking the country's dependence on Chinese supplies of critical minerals.

Auto Parts Makers Shine Spotlight
on Aluminium’s Role in Electric Vehicles

A faster paced energy transition through a speedier shift to electric vehicles has created a new, substantial demand stream for aluminium and major opportunities for auto supply chain firms flying under investors' radar.

In Gold We Trust Report 2020
The 14th edition of In Gold We Trust report, titled “The Dawning of a Golden Decade”, published by Incrementum AG is available to be downloaded with 17 chapters and 350 pages. Fund managers and authors of the report Ronald-Peter Stoeferle and Mark Valek look at how the gold price has developed; what the state of the economy is; how government, corporate, and household debt has changed, and how this will affect inflation in the months to come. Mining Stocks, Silver with price projections.
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China's Sliding Metals inventories
Point to Higher Prices, V-Shaped Recovery

One of the encouraging aspects for those hoping for a V- shaped economic recovery from the novel coronavirus in China has been the increase in the price and demand for many key metals.

World Silver Survey 2020
Global silver demand pushed higher in 2019, with a 12 percent increase in investment demand as retail and institutional investors focused their attention on the long-term investment appeal of the metal. Outlook for 2020.

Silver to be Critical to Solar Power
Generation Market Over Next 10 Years

Silver is the Most Reliable Metal for Solar Energy Output. With solar power generation expected to nearly double by 2025, this sector is projected to remain an important and consistent source of industrial demand for silver over the next ten years, while underscoring silver’s role as a green metal.
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Which Metals Will Gain Most from a Green Energy Revolution?
If the world is serious about reducing global warming, it's going to need a lot of minerals and metals. Here are the long-term winners.

Copper the Virus Stopper
Despite attracting praise thousands of years ago for sterilizing wounds and drinking water, contemporary use of copper belies the material’s effectiveness in stifling the spread of disease-inducing bugs. Bacteria and viruses die on copper surfaces.

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